About the song:

As a present to myself for reaching my 60th birthday, this song came into being with very little help from me... It started as something I refer to as "loop noodle": a repeating loop of sound that I improvise against - it's the method of genesis for many of my tracks - and the lyrics formed themselves without effort. Whenever I'm feeling old and/or tired, I can play this track and re-vitalize myself. So, if nothing else, it's therapy! (This one too has been available for a while in a different form on Amazon and iTunes...)

(Image: "Pinwheels For Pinheads" by William P. Brown III)

"...mine to squander
or to invest..."

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Alive (to See Another Day)

breathe it in - the air in which we swim
life-asserting medium, let yet another day begin

full of promise - another chance
to find the value in existence

mine to squander, or to invest
every conscious cycle offering a test

will there be triumph or massive fail
will I be overcome, or will I prevail?

I'm so alive
Alive to see another day begin

Created 07APR2018
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