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Not sure how this song developed. It seems to swerve in a few different directions as it progresses, and I received comments from some listeners that it was very busy, but that the busy-ness seemed to work to support the song. Okay, it's an unveiled attempt to share my philosophy about want and need, and redistribution of wealth, but there's more to it than that. It's also about being able to make mistakes and learn from them.

(Image: "Phoenix" by WIlliam P. Brown III)

" isn't just right
but it's what we deserve..."

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When we come here
There's no turning back
There is a good chance that
We'll find what we lack

It may not be easy
It might take some time
But there'll come a day
When it will be fine

I know
I know

Take what you need
But don't waste what you've got
This is your moment
To find what you've sought

You need to be humble
There's a lesson to learn
It isn't just right
But it's what we deserve

Everything comes
By taking your time
I don't know the crime
But things will be fine

And I'll find out the things I should know
____________________________In Karmaville
What I should know
____________________________In Karmaville
What I should know
____________________________In Karmaville

Take time
Put back
Don't lie
Come back
Terrible lie
Don't want to cry
Don't need to hide

Never deny
What helps you get by
Don't try to hide
What you're feeling inside

Where is the fire?
The nights of delight?
I wonder what happened?
Can we make it right?

In Karmaville
____________________________In Karmaville

In Karmaville

"...Ahh, Hitler had it comin'! What goes around, comes around!"

____________________________In Karmaville

In Karmaville

____________________________In Karmaville

Created 07APR2018
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