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I've been a fan of the UK band Pop WILL Eat Itself ever since I first heard the refrain from Def Con One, "Big Mac, fries to go, Gimme Big Mac, fries to go!" over the Twilight Zone theme music back in the late 80's... I was such a fan that I put together a hypertext listing of all of their tracks, along with fan-provided identification of audio samples they used in each of their tracks, called "Pop WILL Sample Itself!", which was part of the fan site, PWEINation throughout the 90's. This is my only track directly inspired by the band. It features zero unlicensed samples, however...
Head on Far by William P. Brown III
(Image: "Head On Far" by William P. Brown III)

"'s been too wrong for too long
to ever make it right..."

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Here comes that itch again
Wanna feel like a real man
Lookin' for a way to vent my frustration
Everything's exacerbating my aggravation


Losing ground to the hipsters and politicos
Follow the money down the hole - where'd it go?
Wanna make a difference
've got a need to be heard
Tryin' to form a sentence
But I can't find the words

Why? 'Cause Sonny, that's just the way it is
Why? 'It's all too much - it's pointless to resist

I've gotten far too old to stand up and fight
It's been too wrong for too long to ever make it right
My feet are freezing and my head is on fire
My aches and pains are damping out my every desire

Why? 'Cause Sunshine, that's just how it is
Why? Sometimes you gotta stand up and fight
Why? 'Cause sometimes it just might be enough
Why? 'Cause sometimes it just happens that you're right
(You're right!)

Why? 'Cause
Why? 'Cause
Why? 'Cause

'Cause WHY?!

Created 26MAR2018
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